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Water Wells & Pump Repairs in Lodi

If you aren't connected to the city water supply, Lodi Plumbers can repair Well Pumps and Pipes it's a good bet that you have a well. If you have a well, you are at the mercy of your well pump. If it decides to go, you're out of luck. The best way to get the most out of your well pump is to check it monthly.

Well pump motor repair

The pump motor is the component that is most likely to fail on the well pump. Usually a problem can be traced back to corrosion on the electrical wires delivering power to the unit. If there are signs of corrosion, disconnect the power and clean both the leads and the connection point.

Pipe joints cause leaks

Another possible area of concern centers around the pipe joints and any faucets connected directly to the pump. If the pipes have not been properly joined using plumbers tape, leaks can develop from the pressure in the pipe. Cracks can also develop in the lines of pumps that are not properly insulated from the weather and significant heat changes in a short period of time.

AO Smith Water Well Pump System

Water pump valves

Water pumps often fall victim to sticky valve syndrome. This is where the flow valve fails to open or close properly. When the valve is stuck in the closed position, no water can be pumped into the home. When the valve is stuck open, the pump will run continually but the water will fall back down into the well and not make it into the home.

Air pressure leaks cause pump failures

Air pressure leaks can cause a pump to fail to pull water up from the well in large enough quantities. This can result in poor water pressure out of the faucets. This will be most noticeable in faucets furthest from the pump. Although it is possible to repressurize a tank without the help of a licensed professional, if it is damaged during the process, all warranties that were in place will be voided. It is always best to contact a professional in cases like these.

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